Alyssa M George

I believe there is a great need to heal our world. But healing must start at in internal level. To be healers, we must be willing to heal ourselves first. I am the rain drop that starts the ripple.

Services and Training


“Alyssa is passionate about helping others find balance and be the best version of themselves. She herself is an example of how to focus on the positive and brings positivity into the lives of others. She introduced me to reiki a few months ago and I was so impressed by her knowledge as well as her ability to teach and connect with her clients. She opened my mind to a new experience and left me feeling totally relaxed!” -Lauren

“Not only does Alyssa's reiki work clear out all of my negativity and blockages, but her spiritual and personal guidance truly is transformative. I recommend her services to anyone feeling stagnant and in need of a shift. In addition to this, Alyssa is gentle, down to earth, and puts her clients completely at ease.”- Amelia

“What an experience! Alyssa is amazing. During my reiki session I felt so relaxed, refreshed, and recharged. She is very knowledgeable and created a zen harmonious environment. Can not wait for our next session!” - Nicole

“Reiki is a great and unique experience. It is unlike other healing methods but it is effective and very beneficial. Alyssa is very knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about what she does!!” - Dan


Alyssa George

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a Mindfulness Meditation guide. My mission is to guide people to the healing power that is hidden within us all. Using my beautiful intuitive gifts I guide my students through ways to use our own energy to heal ourselves of physical, emotional and mental blockages. Feel free to email me any questions or healing request.

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